STEWART COPELAND Takes You “Where the Gods Live” In This Reverb Feature


Drummer/composer Stewart Copeland is not like you and me. He thinks on what seems on a different plain existence sometimes, thinking of rhythms, melodies, and new ways of making music that no one really would think of. He’s just a wacky dude. And Reverb is here to take you into his brain to try to make sense of the guy.

In the video, Stewart walks us through his house studio, where he gives a show-and-tell of all the instrument oddities he’s picked up through his career. I wish more people could be as excited about anything as this dude is about music. He’s a maniac about everything. The elephant skin drum from Africa, the Chinese chime that never misses a note, and what he describes as the “tambourine from hell” all make an appearance, and he loves it all. At times, it’s hard to tell what he’s trying to say, but that’s because Steward Copeland thinks faster than most people can run. He’s got so much to say, and so much on his mind, he has no way of saying it all in a way that is 100% coherent. But don’t let that fool you, Stu knows what’s up. Watch the video if you want some mania in your life for 20 minutes.

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