POLYPHIA Teaches Japanese Pop Star Some Guitar Licks; She Teaches Them Dance Moves

So Polyphia are mental, and Japanese TV hosts are mental too, therefore this video is a match made in heaven. Check it out-


On their recent visit to Japan, Polyphia linked up with the folks at Young Guitar to sit down and shoot the shit about their band, playing style and influences as well as teaching the interviewer some sweet licks; it’s a really interesting watch.

Guitarist Timothy Henson (who looks about 12?!) comments on their style, (something which may have caused a little backlash amongst fans recently with their sound shifting away from their initial more metal-inclined shredding fret-board-wankery) and mentions that a lot of their influences are taken from pop music and rap. This is very apparent on their newest release the aptly titled The Most Hated but whatever, these guys still write some seriously catchy melodies which are intertwined with some extremely impressive playing. These songs get stuck in your head, so badly that I went through a stage of waking up in the night and having the twiddly guitar line from “Champagne” on repeat in my head over and over; it’s hard to write shit like that so you have to give it up for them in that respect.

It seems girls are more impressed by scales there than they are in my country, with the interviewer being incredibly excited by the guitar lines that the Polyphia lads teach her, maybe I’ll move to Japan and practice my scales. They fare about as well learning her choreographed dance moves, awkwardly fumbling through them, but look like they’re having a good time, so that’s all that matters.

Their new EP is definitely more pop oriented and shiny but it’s worth checking out if you have ears. You can pick it up here.

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