OLA STRANDBERG Featured In Latest Interview With SWEETWATER!

Last month, it was announced that Sweetwater will be stocking its shelves with .strandberg* guitars! Now, the time has come for Sweetwater to sit down and have a conversation with Mr. Ola Strandberg himself. In the interview, Ola shares a detailed history of his past, and how it brought him to the present. From a mechanical engineering education to a fifteen-year career in information technology, Ola brought a TON of useful knowledge to the world of designing and building ergonomic guitars.


From Ola:

“I just wanted to solve a problem. So I approached it from an industrial design perspective than a luthier perspective. Headless guitars always appealed to me, so when I was doing my research for that, I realized there was no headless hardware to buy anywhere. But, I stumbled upon this community of ergonomic guitar builders that were trying to accomplish something. They were pushing the envelope of design. It appealed to me. I found my task. I found my problem to solve.”

From there, Ola goes on to explain the detailed specs of what makes .strandberg* guitars stand out from the crowd. These instruments are truly a work of innovative art. Thinking about getting one? We don’t blame you. Check out the Sweetwater website to see all the .standberg* guitars they offer!

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