NINE INCH NAILS Drummer ILAN RUBIN Gives the Hard-Hitting Facts on Electronic and Acoustic Drums


Nine Inch Nails is a band that almost every rock and metal fan has at least heard of at this point. Fronted by vocalist Trent Reznor, the group has been producing some incredibly solid industrial rock tunes since the late 80s and continues to push the boundaries of modern rock. The band is also known to combine elements of electronic music in their own songs, which is done (in part) by drummer Ilan Rubin. So to talk about how he does it, Rubin recently took a throne at Reverb and shows us the behind-the-scenes method to his madness.

Ilan talks about the kit that he uses for his work in NIN, and goes into the details of how he incorporates electronically sampled drums into his live performances. His talk is less focused on the specifics, and more on the execution, which is pretty dang neat. It’s great to see how dudes plug one thing into another and all that, but to really see a musician utilize their gear in their songs is where the real action happens.

To see what the NIN dudes are up to and to catch ’em on tour, hit up their Facebook and website. They’ve got a couple dates in December, so mark your calendars and prepare for an experience.

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