Matt Garstka, the virtuoso drummer and irregular heartbeat of Animals As Leaders, kindly let Sumerian Records into his home during The Madness of Many sessions to talk about his creative approach to the album and a little bit of everything else, too. Including who keeps the bananas in the basket. That’s totally not a euphemism, in case you’re wondering.


“I like to work hard…I like to immerse in the process…I’m not going out drinking, I’m not hanging out with people…I’ve always thought of [being] in a room and [isolating] myself so I can [dedicate] myself to this craft.”

Matt Garstka has an undeniably strong work ethic, and his chops are clear evidence of that. This ethic seems to be fueled by a concoction of coffee beans that he might even give you a whiff of if you seem decent enough. On top of that, you might also catch a glimpse of his kick drum table for said coffee, and his custom Tama cordia, bubinga, and maple kit.

Matt comes across as a very down-to-earth, quirky, and funny guy in this segment. I think he’s probably got enough talent, motivation, and realness to humble even The Donald™. Is there any way to make that happen?

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