Johnny Marr Of THE SMITHS Talks Guitar Obsession On ERNIE BALL’s “String Theory”

“There’s politics in it, there’s obsession in it, there’s romanticism in it, there’s poetry in it, and there’s your own personal relationship to it. It’s an entire world really.” – Johnny Marr


Guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths fame was recently featured on this latest episode of String Theory by the good people at Ernie Ball. This web series hosts some of the world’s most innovative guitar players, and that is exactly the type of person Johnny is. The man has some experience in the music industry, to say the least, and talks about what inspired him to play guitar in the first place, his relationship to the music he makes, and the complete obsession it has been for him in his life. He also delves into his relationship with Ernie Ball from the very beginning which is pretty sick and very inspiring.

Johnny is also playing Ernie Ball’s Power Slinky electric guitar strings. To get more String Theory in your life, head to the Ernie Ball YouTube channel here!

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