Legendary Producer Glyn Johns Gave an Incredible Talk at Google

Aspiring audio engineers, take notes. British producer/engineer Glyn Johns has been behind the boards for some of the greatest rock recordings ever made. His discography is literally a who’s-who of rock royalty: the Faces, Led Zeppelin, the Who, the Eagles, the Steve Miller Band, the Rolling Stones, Humble Pie, and way more. Johns was recently invited out to Google’s offices for a talk, “Sound Man,” hosted by Bill Flanagan, partially in promotion of his new book of the same title.


Of course, this talk definitely presents the perspective of an old, crusty studio veteran who doesn’t think great records can be made anymore, but that crusty perspective is the one that twiddled the nobs on a Led Zeppelin album. Johns has been making records through so many eras of recording technology and studio processes, and has worked with so many of the great rock artists of the 20th century, and this talk is utterly fascinating. Check it out below:

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