GAME OF THRONES Composer RAMIN DJAWADI Talks Crafting the Show’s Unique Themes

Few elements are as important to a television show or a film as the soundtrack accompanying the onscreen action. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that plenty of casual audiences aren’t even aware of how much influence a score has on the way a scene is perceived. Take that soundtrack away, though, and it becomes obvious that something funky is up. Making sure the vibe is just right and being responsible for much of the drama in the hit series Game of Thrones is composer Ramin Djawadi.


In this short interview, he discusses his approach to scoring the show, from beginning to get the tempo/”feel” of a scene, to sketching it out with an instrument or two, to bulking it out and finally having a cohesive piece of original score. Djawadi also touches on the vast collection of exotic instruments used, and challenging himself and his team to incorporate ones they haven’t previously recorded before.

You can learn more about the composer here.

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