DEVIN TOWNSEND Talks About His Two-Amp Rig and Signature Sound


Devin Townsend recently met up with the TwoNotes team before a gig in France to talk a bit about his live rig. Devy’s been running a two-amp setup for years and years now, and he sheds some light on how that’s contributed to creating his signature sound.

You can watch him better explain it, but basically, one amplifier is run dry for clean, crunch, heavy rhythm, and lead tones, and another lo-fi, buzzy shit-piece of an amp is completely saturated with effects. The two are blended together and voila: Heavy Devy’s in business. Nowadays, the Fractal handles the duties of the wet amp, and he even runs a TwoNotes Torpedo Live for some cabinet emulation.

Digital modeling naysayers take note: if it’s good enough for Devin Fucking Townsend, it’s probably pretty damn good.

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