HOLA, OLA: Coffee With Ola (Feat. Ola!)

Ola Englund has had a plethora of artists on his “Coffee with Ola” series in the last few months including Misha Mansoor, Doc Coyle, and Per Nilsson, to name just a few. I always love it when I stumble across long for conversations with the artists that I love, but what about the “other” guys in the industry that aren’t typically in the limelight?


The “other” guy in this case is master guitar builder Ola Strandberg. I was absolutely delighted to see this interview because I know that Ola Strandberg is a SUPER intelligent and forward thinking dude when it comes to how he designs his guitars. This segment covers a TON of ground and I think many of you will be delighted to find some surprises buried in there.

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