BOSTON’s Tom Scholz Reveals Secret Weapon “Hyperspace Pedal” In NOVA/NPR Mini-Doc

In this awesome little 10-minute mini-documentary from NOVA’s Secret Live of Scientists and NPR Music, Tom Scholz talks about his early musical life, inventing the technology (like his famous Rockman) to hear the sounds he wanted to hear, and his secret weapon, the Hyperspace pedal, of which only 2 exist in the known universe.


For more on the Rockman, read our ode to why it’s the best analog amp sim still to this day, and enjoy this video in all it’s genius glory.

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  • helps to be an MIT major el Tom was developing cameras before he got big, I imagine this stuff was a hobby, sure did come up with a fantastic sound, and band!!! Thanks for all your fantastic work Tom we sure do enjoy it!

  • also that hyperspace, DLB wouldn’t be the same without one… so cool!!

  • “More than a Feeling” – yeah, I remember that one. Let’s have dinner. Hehehehehehehe!
    Just imagine if Mr. Scholz was less insecure about his material and whether or not it measured up, just how many Boston releases there would be for us to enjoy.
    I forgot about Jeff Beck being one of his customers.

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