Anthony Fantano Talks to Rob Scallon

There’s a whole branch of new metal guitar hero, post-Cloudkicker, that’s arisen basically within the last few years. Rob Scallon, Fluff, Jared Dines, Ola England when he’s not playing in the Haunted… the list goes on. These guys, talented in their own rights, have attained a pretty considerable degree of fame and acclaim for their music without playing (with the exception of Ola) in a traditional recording-touring-cycle metal band.


Now, I’m not sure I really consider these guys musicians, because they’re more interested in something similarly difficult – high-quality and consistent content creation. There’s a real DIY aesthetic among these guys, who often write, shoot, and edit their stuff from start to finish. Sometimes the vids can be cheesy (which can be a result of, as Rob discusses below, how he tries to make videos that can appeal to people that know nothing about metal), but the subgenre is pretty young, and to me what matters is that these guys are actually trying to do something new and meaningful.

My personal favorite YouTuber is Anthony Fantano, who strides the line between both mainstream and 4chan meme culture, as well as incredibly thoughtful music criticism. So I was excited to check out Anthony’s conversation with Rob Scallon on his new interview podcast, as I’m sure you will be. Check it out below:

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