After a year of the songwriting contest, things have finally come to an end. Kenneth has retired, or is at least tired of taking such a beating over the past 12 months. “It’s been a full year since I started the contest,” said Trey Xavier. “I received over 1,200 (!) entries from songwriters all over the world. But now I’m changing things up.”


The good news is that Trey plans on getting through all 500 remaining entries throughout October. This means streams every Tuesday at 11:15AM PST, and they’re gonna be long as hell.

So what’s the change? Well, the lyrics course is finally available for all you up-and-coming lyricists out there. The course is available here, and is currently 50% off as it’s brand new! Some of the topics included in the course are:

  • How to generate ideas from scratch
  • Avoiding “cringey” or “corny” lyrics
  • Making your lyrics “vivid” and appealing to the senses
  • Advanced lyric psychology, including syllables, rhythm, symbolism and more
  • How to tell stories with your lyrics
  • Conjuring emotions and capturing the heart of your listener
  • Making your song “memorable” and ADDICTIVE to your fans
  • The simple tricks pop artists use to make their lyrics CATCHY AF

Check out a teaser video below.

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