MARY SPENDER Plays 8 String For The First Time at #GuitCon


GuitCon is a magical place where anything can happen. For instance, Mary Spender, who is a singer/songwriter/YouTuber who has never played an 8 string guitar before, did just that before my very eyes for the first time on a Framus 8 string Panthera model that just happened to be hanging around for anybody to play. I think she did pretty admirably for a first timer, playing some way more tasteful things than I probably did my first time (although she started to play an F# version of Smoke on the Water…tsk tsk.)

Unfortunately, the mic on the amp took a shit, so we had to use lav mic signal all boosted and de-noised and it doesn’t sound that great – except for the interview portion, which is most of the video anyway. Mary is a charming interview and just a lovely person and excellent musician, so enjoy this interview and subscribe to her channel for more!

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