16 Guitarists Play a Plexi Turned ALL THE WAY UP At #GuitCon!


The videos we shot at GuitCon 2017 will be rocking YouTube for years and years to come – I alone shot 15 videos for our channel and appeared in many videos for other people’s channels. Another thing I would like to maintain for years and years to come is my hearing. As a general rule, I wear hearing protection in all situations that require it – concerts, band practice, servicing jet engines – but I decided I would make an exception at GuitCon because Pete Thorn wanted to do a fun experiment.

We got ahold of a Marshall Plexi 100w head and Pete had the idea to let everyone try it Eddie Van Halen style – with all the knobs cranked all the way up. I decided to use up a tiny bit of the hearing I’ve been saving up and get the full experience of what it sounds like and feels like to play in front of such a beastly thing. Let me tell you – what it feels like is pain. You can hear from the mic signal that it sounds like gold, but in the room it just sounds too loud to hear anything, if that makes any sense. It was a dumb thing for me to do, especially since everyone else wore plugs, but it was an experience. Luckily I didn’t suffer any permanent damage, but I was only in there for like 30 seconds, which you can watch in the video, along with 15 other YouTubers.

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