The Weekly Riff – RAMON ORTIZ, “No Quiero Truco”

Puerto Rican guitar phenom Ramon Ortiz is maybe most well known for his work in Puya, but it is on his solo albums that his guitar work is really allowed to shine. And shine it does – you’ve not heard Latin shred like this anywhere else.


In this hybrid playthrough/tutorial video, Ramon plays a bit of the solo and outro from his song “No Quiero Truco”, then breaks it down in a very enlightening way. He talks about a very unusual scale he uses, a derivation of the 5th mode of harmonic minor with a very interesting twist.

This song is from Ramon’s new album Portal, which you can pre-order on iTunes now and enjoy when it is released September 15th.

On a related note – DAMN his guitar is sweet. I haven’t been able to locate a used one anywhere, I wonder if Fernandes still makes them?

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