STEVE VAI Teaches You His Practicing Techniques in “The Steve Vai Guitar Method”


I don’t fancy myself a guitar boy by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, I tickle the nickels every now and again, but I’m trash when it comes down to it. I just didn’t know exactly how trash I was until I started this video series Steve Vai has been putting out called “The Steve Vai Guitar Method” (clever right?), from Guitar World. Anyway, after watching the second episode here, I learned that I’ve been doing it wrong forever, and that stops now, lemme tell you.

Stevie’s got a lot of knowledge under that noggin of his, and it’s probably a good idea to listen to him. This video covers technique and the specific way that Vai got to where he is now. There’s picking methods, fingering methods, how he places his left hand, how to accent, and much more. Who knew that those little finglers on your hands could do so much, eh?

Who knows what Steve’s got cooking up these days? Oh, well Steve would know, I guess. Check in with him on Facebook and other social media places. And be sure to check out the first part of this series here.

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