ALL THAT REMAINS – Oli Herbert Dissects his Solo from “Pernicious”

Oli Herbert is playing his customized Jackson Rhoads V in this clip.


All That Remains’ beardy/shreddy lead guitarist, Oli Herbert, was just over at Guitar World for this neat focus lesson. In it, he breaks down the entire solo section from the song “Pernicious”, off All That Remains’ 2015 (lukewarm radio rock / New Wave of ‘Murica Metal) album The Order Of Things.

Regular “how to play x” video lessons are cool and all, but this one is especially cool because of the depth Oli goes into about the writing. He really dives into the thought process behind each little part of the solo. He gives the “why”, not just the “what” and “how”.

At least for me, that side of things is always way more valuable to learn. I don’t just want to learn someone else’s licks. Like, what am I? A guitarist in a local band, from a nondescript middle-American town, playing some PPVcore covers in a line dancing bar on a Tuesday night for gas money? No. I, personally, am not any of those things. So it’s badass that Oli goes into the actual songwriting thought process.

Though, admittedly, it is actually a pretty crispy little solo with some dank note choice. So I’m not gonna say that learning a lick or two off this is a bad idea.

And also, who knew that Oli even had solo sections in All That Remains songs? I never make it past the first chorus. I wonder if ATR have their albums available as Labonte-less instrumentals…

If you want more lessons like this, check out the Gear Gods lesson archive.

Or if you live in a rural town within 20 miles of where you grew up and this music speaks to you, listen to the full version of “Pernicious” on The Order of Things via Razor & Tie.

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