See Papa Trooch Play BADLY in Episode 2 of “The John Petrucci Guitar Method”


Good vibrato and proper control over string tension, muting, and pick articulation are obvious skills that every guitarist needs to have up their sleeve. Sadly, in the age of studio trickery we see many guitarists opting out of spending time on these important lessons and instead investing their time in posting 15 second mime along videos to their Instagram pages, because who REALLY needs to practice when you can punch every note and pitch correct your bends?

Luckily for all of us Dr. Petrucci has entered the building and hes here to shove a fat knowledge pill down everyone’s throat! In his second installment of Guitar World’s “John Petrucci Guitar Method” Petrucci discusses his earliest memories of hearing vibrato, how he employs vibrato, how NOT to employ vibrato, as well as a few of his own personal tricks when it comes to properly muting strings on distorted guitars.

All in all I really think that videos like this are super important. Especially when they are done by dudes who are the absolute best at what they do. Doing routine maintenance and reality checks is something that everyone should try to do, and I think video lessons like this are perfect for that. You can also check out part one of this series here.

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