What’s This Gibson Flying V TOOL’s Adam Jones Is Playing?

Tool played their first show back on January 10 at the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, OR. The band broke out a few songs they haven’t played in years like “Right In Two,” but for guitarists there was something else interesting about the show. Namely that Adam Jones played a really strange-looking Gibson Flying V during the closer “Invincible.”


The Flying V looks like it has the classic Adam Jones Silverburst finish (though it’s hard to tell with the lights), and a split headstock that seems to look like one of the 1959 Flying V headstocks. Other than that nobody knows what this thing is and, maybe more importantly when we can buy one.

Guitar World also points out that when Adam Jones teased his 1979 Les Paul, there was a one-second clip right at the end of the video showcasing a Flying V. The V in the video looked a little different and had a different headstock, but still – it seems like there was a V in the works.

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