Finally, A Way to Make the Metal Zone Pedal Sound Good


Ah…the Boss Metal Zone. A true staple in the world of guitar effects. Commonly crowned as “The Worst Pedal Ever” (we did it too!), it has been ripping off young guitarists hard earned birthday money for YEARS. The best way to get a better tone out of this thing, is to just go buy a different pedal. It’s just that bad. Well, it was. You see, thanks to a little trickery from Riffs and Chugs TV, you actually can get a good sound out of this turd!

The secret is instead of putting the pedal straight into the clean tone of an amp, you put it as a return in the effects loop. This is because the pedal is preamp, and everyone has just been using it wrong, ya dingus! And it really shows! The tone tightens up significantly, and just has more range. No longer is it just mids! It’s a pretty cool trick that can actually make this pedal usable.

Check out the video to hear for yourself. Then, go dust off your own Metal Zone (we know you all have one), apologize to it, and give it a whirl yourself!

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.

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  • i do not understand how you cannot get a good tone out of this pedal. if you can make an hm-2 the biggest craze in the world you can surely make a fucking metal zone do the same. shut up and start tweaking and finding your way with it, or maybe accept the fact that its YOU and your skills SUCK so you blame your tools. we get it, its really funny to blame a pedal, ha-hyuck! look at us! we’re original, just like everyone else.

    there’s nothing wrong with the pedal. its you, your life and your tone sucks AROUND the pedal. im sorry it doesn’t “djent” or it doesn’t “doom” and it isn’t as amazing as your tube screamer cause you can just plug it in and just go, but some people actually understand that knobs on things give you a PALETTE OF OPTIONS!!!!

    your 6505 is plug and play, and it’s made you lazy. change into your big boy pants and get out your notebook and take some notes, cause you apparently have to learn that not all gear just sounds likw Tosin right out of the box, which is actually a great and beautiful thing but you wouldn’t know that since you are too busy trend riding and playing with your dick.

    MOD THE FUCKING THING. it sounds great with a few components changed. I KNOW, im sorry, soldering irons are for a generation past and the muscles in your arms are too weak from sitting on the couch playing xbox since you fell out of the womb, so you might actually burn yourself and your entire house down while attempting this, but i say go for it cause you might just do the world a favor.

    there is no such thing as a bad pedal, just like there is no such thing as a bad drug. heroin isn’t evil, its the user. it’s the person who takes it and does fucked up shit and ruins their life. ITS YOU. YOU are the USER. its in how you use it, and if you cannot use it to your benefit then it’s just you and “THEMS THE BREAKS” and you move on……..or die of a heroin overdose………..back on topic.

    stop blaming the gear because you are a talentless, lazy hack. give it more than an hour and find a way to become more than a lazy hack and you might actually be on to something with your life and your music and crawl out of the swamp that is currently our entire music community. i know, i know, what would people think if you aren’t following the herd. scary as that may be, you might actually find some self respect and maybe some individuality in there and end up impressing some other people like your hero’s before you did.

    it’s a long shot.

    maybe take up sports. music is for thinkers. at least, it used to be.


  • You are insane, the Metal Zone is a great freaking pedal. The parametric mid range is just freaking killer! It goes from mild to wild and plenty of clean gain on the level control. The real trick is to ram it into a tube amp. Is that a secret? The best pedal a new electric guitar player could get. If you turn your level down, killer rock and roll rhythm guitar sounds, Send all the ones you don’t want to me, I will blow you off the stage with it. GREAT FREAKING PEDAL!!!

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