The 7 Best (And Worst!) Found Object Guitar Picks


When at all possible, having the ideal plectrum for the style of music you play is the way to go. Steve Vai has said that just about anything about his rig can be not to his liking, but if he’s got the right pick he’s okay. I can’t say that I’m so lucky – I need more things to be right than that for sure, but after shooting this video, I can say with confidence that a pick is avery important thing not to forget.

But let’s say the worst-case scenario occurs – you somehow manage to get all the way to the show without a pick, and no one else has one to lend you (pretty unlikely, I know). What do you do? Cry in a corner? Cancel the show? But your eager fans await, and you can’t disappoint them! So you wipe your cheeks dry, and search around the bar for something that will suffice. You find the following – a bottlecap, a credit card, a bread clip, a camera memory card (from one very reluctant photographer!) a Starbucks splash stick (the thing that goes in the hole on the sippy cup lid to keep your coffee from sloshing into your lap during transport) and a spoon. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

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