What Is The Sound Of 200 PEDALS On At Once?


Stompbox Sonic turned 8 years old! Hooray! If you don’t know what Stompbox Sonic does, they are basically sound consultants. You give them your ideal sound, your current rig, etc., and they find the perfect pedals for you. Pretty cool service! Anyway, they threw pretty much every pedal they had in a room, chained them all together, and ran a bunch of different instruments through them. And the sound was otherworldly.

Obviously,  it’s not very practical. None of these “How many pedals can we through together?” setups are. But this feels a little bit more than just that. They ran it through a bunch of amps all at once. They invited people who played different instruments. They even had people who built their own instruments. The pedals were set up into ‘banks’ of 25 based on what kind of pedal they were (modulation, reverb, fuzz, etc.), so they players could choose what sound would be the dominating voice when they played (My personal favorite was that harp). All of this basically made everyone sound like they were recording the score to the movie “Arrival” live. It was a really cool experiment to see.

If you want to check out Stompbox Sonic’s service, visit their website to see what it’s all about. They also have a YouTube channel with all of the wacky experiments they do. And let’s not forget DemoVids who brought you this gorgeous video to begin with. Watch the video. Have a laugh. Love the goof.

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