What Does A $2 Snare Drum Sound Like?

Being a drummer is expensive, very expensive; having to replace cymbals, sticks, drum heads, drums themselves and pedals among all sorts of other things is a right pain in the arse. Here’s Cameron Fleury showing you that you don’t have to spend loads of dollars to get a great sounding snare drum.


This is pretty ridiculous because just look at it! However Cameron still somehow manages to blast the livin’ crap out of it and make it sound halfway okay. He does split the skin though (just like a real snare then) and points out that it’s not as good as a snare drum that might cost more than $2, in case that wasn’t obvious.

So if you’re living on a budget and are sick and tired of replacing expensive snare heads/snares and want a fun sounding drum, then the $2 snare might be just the ticket. I can already see Lars getting ideas.

Free sticks included too! Get ready to.. ahem.. Boom Boom!

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