Watch This Guy Throw His Guitar Into AN ACTIVE VOLCANO


An Instagram post by explorer/guitarist/certified cray cray Nik Halik shows what appears to be a man (probably him) throwing an Ernie Ball MusicMan Axis guitar (it could be an OLP or Sterling By Music Man, it’s hard to tell) into a fucking pit of lava on an active volcano. I think this could be a worthy successor to the “smashing your guitar onstage” badass move.

If you’re wondering whether or not this is real, I encourage you to check out this video which includes Mr. Nik Halik on a volcano vacation (I’ll stick to the beach, thanks) on which he probably performed said sacrifice to the gods of the hollow fire mountain.

And check out this post about their trip. The guitar video isn’t included in any of those, but it lends credibility to the whole thing. Too bad we didn’t get to see the guitar turn to ash in an instant (not that I think it deserved to die, only that it was already going in, I would have liked to see it happen).


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