Trash Talk Shred While Wearing Volume-Sensitive Shock Collars

Have I been fucking up by sleeping on The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim? I’ve heard great things but have been too busy catching up on The Newsroom and my regular dose of late-night television to incorporate a new comedy into my routine. Andre is definitely on my radar now, after coming up with the ingenious idea of attaching volume-sensitive shock collars to California hardcore/Odd Future-core outfit Trash Talk.


Trash Talk put on an insane show sans-collars, so you can only imagine how much more intense their performances would be if they were subject to these collars for 25-30 minutes a night. I wonder if anyone is working on a version of these collars that’s sensitive to bands who show no class at gigs.

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  • Exhumed have also been on the show.

    • Hmm Rly? is the show filmed in a studio near the Bay Area?

  • I mean, The Newsroom is fucking ace, so I can’t blame you.

    • after such a stellar start to the third season, that last episode was autism incarnate

  • Ryan Philippe’s “WTF” look is priceless


  • What are they playing? Looks like Emperor cabs and a refinished Sunn of some kind?

  • That dive into the drum kit though….

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