Ooooh, drummers…the bad ones have a way of bringing down the whole ship with their inane battering, and the great ones have a special way of breathing life into an otherwise “meh” bunch of players. Fascinating creatures…

Samus Paulicelli, also known as 66Samus, is the human drum machine who’s graced Decrepit Birth/Goatwhore/Abigail Williams with his incredible playing, and also started a popular YouTube channel and one-man solo project of his own. In this video, he pokes a bit of fun at what he considers the Top 14 Most Common Drummer Fails.

Whether it’s bad feet, bad hands, or maybe a mix of both, anyone who’s ever played in a handful of garage bands has encountered at least one of these in their time. And by the way, if your current drummer falls into any of these categories, maybe showing him or her this video would be a nice little *hint-hint, nudge-nudge, get-better-or-you’re-fired* kinda deals, yeah?

To follow up with 66Samus and check out more of his various musical endeavors, you’ll want to head over here. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’d take an “I only play Portnoy fills” over an “I don’t play any fills at all” 101 times out of 100.

Do you play with someone guilty of these? Are you guilty of any of these yourself, you animal? Let us know!

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