SLIPKNOT Acoustic Rendition of “Duality” by Frog Leap Studios

Now this is a laugh. Frog Leap Studios brings you an acoustic version of Slipknot’s catchy rager “Duality”, with all instruments played by Leo Moracchioli, and he owns each one of them in his own hilariously unique way (with masks to boot!).

So Leo is the brains behind Frog Leap Studios and it’s all pretty wacky and out-there, however, it is a load of fun and it’s good to see metal getting the piss ripped out of it because I swear everyone takes the genre far too seriously. His other videos are definitely worth checking out too, bringing a new light to well-known songs (Kiss From A Rose, Johnny B. Goode) in his own weird and wonderful way. He’s a talented dude, working out of Norway, he records and produces bands, creates videos and plays live shows. For his covers he plays everything himself and records, mixes, masters, shoots and edits the music & videos.

The pinch harmonics are given their own “slant”, shall we say, and also watch out for the mid-section – it gets a bit funky. As one YouTube commenter pointed out, it is the most aggressive slide whistle on record. For an acoustic cover, it certainly packs a punch.

You can download more of his stuff on iTunes here, go have a giggle.

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