POWER RANGERS Meets BAGPIPES in This YouTube Cover


Yep, you read that right. Famed YouTube ‘piper TheSnakeCharmer just put out this fireball of a cover: the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme, but enhanced by the glorious power of bagpipes and distorted guitar, of course. An unlikely combination some would say, but you might be suprised how well they pull it off.

Also, her bagpipes come brandished with a freakin’ dragon’s head. What’s not to love?

Her channel is known for featuring a wide variety of crazy bagpipe covers, including everything from the Star Wars theme to Lamb of God songs. She might be leading the way for bagpipes to make their way into more modern settings. With the amount of content she’s been pumping out, don’t be suprised if you suddenly start hearing more pipey goodness in your music. It may just be the next big thing.

If this gets you fired up, it might be the ultimate way to pregame before seeing the new Rangers movie. You can also support her piping endeavours on her Patreon page if you so desire.

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