NINE INCH NAILS Are Dad Guitar Killers; Smashed 140 Les Pauls On The Downward Spiral Tour


A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel recounts how he was a guitar tech on Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral tour ’94-95 in this video from Premier Guitar, and how he bore witness to the destruction of nearly 140 Gibson Les Pauls over the course of that tour. Apparently, Trent Reznor had a love/hate relationship with the #1 axe pick of doctors and lawyers everywhere, and was perpetually tossing them here and there throughout the course of the show, which I’m sure made things less than easy for poor Billy the tech.

The upside for Billy was that his hard work was rewarded at the end of the tour when Trent told him to take a couple guitars home with him, and he picked one that has been his #1 guitar since.

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