METALLICA: Ever Wonder What “Sad But True” Would Sound Like Twice As Fast On Drums?


Decrepit Birth drummer, YouTuber, and all around sick-as-eff musician Samus Paulicelli (AKA 66Samus) has been making insane drum covers and hilarious videos for a few years now. The dude has covered songs from bands like All That Remains, Slayer, and even Blink 182, all without ever missing a beat. His latest endeavour is a cover of the popular Metallica song “Sad But True”,which is sweet and all, but there’s a catch: it’s twice as fast.

For reference, here’s the original version, released back in 1992 off The Black Album.

Now, any moderate metal fan is probably familiar with this song, but when Samus kicks it into high-gear, it’s difficult to expect what comes next. Either way, the dude kicks some serious ass and the song definitely holds up to being played at 2x speed. Faster and thrashier is usually never a bad thing.

To get more wild n’ wacky content like this, hit up 66Samus’ website, Facebook, YouTube, and Patreon pages. You can catch Decrepit Birth on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, and loads of other bands on the Nightbringers North America Tour 2017, starting in October. As is tradition, dates and deets can be found below.

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