MESHUGGAH’s “Bleed” But Every Snare Is a Fart


Meshuggah is one of those bands that deserves all the praise they are given. Having perfected that classic djent tone, playing to some of the most complex rhythms in metal, these guys have it all. And on top of that, they’ve been one of the most influential bands for modern metal in the last decade. So that’s why our very own Lucas LeCompte edited one of their most well-known songs “Bleed” off their 2008 record obZen to make every snare hit a fart.

Sure, why not. We’re going off the deep end with this one. Whatever.

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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  • Every day we stray further from god’s light…

    • If this is the result, I’m ok with that.

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