MASTODON & HELLYEAH – Two Men (Troy and Kyle Sanders) Enter, One Man Leaves In This Hilarious ORANGE AMPS Video

Did you know that Troy Sanders of Mastodon and Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah are brothers? That’s pretty cool that they both turned out to be professional musicians, and both bass players no less! I wonder what that was like growing up as these two, one lefty and one righty bass player in the same family, fighting for time on the family bass amp, glunking away while the other was at archery practice.


Orange Amps has finally taken advantage of this fact to make a spectacularly funny video starring the two siblings duking it out in the fictional Orange Amps Classic, a competition of bass players from the imaginary 70’s. They also don’t fail to include the family patriarch Colonel Sanders (I say you he dead) who is there in spirit as well as in chicken.

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