LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER Shows Off His New Lightsaber Theremins. Yes, Really.


Do you hate that screen you’re always looking at? Do you constantly seek your mother’s approval? Have we got a show for you! Sam, the analog ambassador behind the YouTube channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, is all about doing things the old fashioned way: No screens. All knobs. And a LOT of solder and glue. In this fun experiment, Sam shows off how to make a super cool theremin out of your regular household light sabers.

I’m no braimiac, so I’m not going to pretend to know how exactly he pulled this off (even though he gives a minute long explanation showing exactly what to do), but it basically all revolves around some accelerometers to measure angles on three different axis, and produces different voltages based on those angles. Or in other words, move it around, and it makes a sound. Sam-he-am threw a couple of these in some toy lightsabers, hooked it up to an amplifier, and then put John Williams out of a job. He gets a pretty cool sound out of these, that gosh darn it, might actually be useful in a song or a stage gimmick. I’m giving this one a PASS.

Sam does this sort of thing with just about anything you get your hands on, and there’s nothing digital about it. It really is like a time machine to a simpler, synthy-er time. Check out more of his vides on his channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER.

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