LIVINGROOM GEAR DEMOS Recreates Some of the WORST Pedal Demos You’ve Ever Seen


I’m sure somewhere in the span of the countless, irreplaceable hours we’ve spent journeying down the YouTube rabbit hole, we’ve all come across some really, really terrible gear demos. Some are just comically bad for you-name-it reasons, and sometimes you have to wonder what the hell an uploader was thinking when they decided to present their stuff to the Internet. And somehow, if we’re extra lucky, the truly awful ones can be as entertaining as the truly great ones.

Eirik from Livingroom Gear Demos took a hilarious stab at recreating some of the “worst pedal demo” archetypes. You know, the barefoot guy, the “240p only” potato cam guy, the person who talks so much that the demo becomes an afterthought…For better or for worse, we’ve all encountered the dregs of YouTube at one point or another, and Livingroom Gear Demos has thankfully made it possible to laugh guilt-free at the awfulness.

For some serious demos and other guitar-related content, check out the rest of Eirik’s work here.

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