As a child, I was sort of obsessed with the outdoors and wilderness survival. I’m sure this comes as a shock to anyone who knows me now, being that I rarely go outside, my job is very sedentary, and my lifestyle is pretty much 100% dependent on technology. But at the time, pre-useful Internet, I wanted to learn how to make fire without matches or lighter, to build a shelter from found sticks and leaves – free from the burdens of high technology. I’m still a pretty handy guy to be with if you’re lost in the woods.

In this video, Rob Scallon takes the hard road to get a delay sound – like when Bender from Futurama has his metal shell replaced with wood, he wanted to get back to the old ways (although I don’t think anyone’s ever made delay this way before). Instead of using effects pedals to achieve delay, he simply uses human beings performing the same thing, but a specified note value after Rob plays it – and in a handball court where the reverb is ridiculous. 

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