Wine tasting is a hallowed tradition among W.A.S.P.s, tourists, and pretentious asshats of all kinds visiting places like the Napa Valley, or Italy, or other places with very high property value. But in spite of the cringiness of the kinds of people who frequent such places, it’s a really good idea for people who want to sell wine, because where else can you try that many wines in one spot? Most people inevitably leave with at least one bottle, and some order cases and cases for their mansion wine cellars. Everyone wins in this scenario – the consumer has the chance to try out the selection firsthand before committing to a large purchase, the winery makes money no matter what (the glasses of wine still cost money), and the winemakers profit.

Trying out pickups is a similar situation – a pickup can cost anywhere from $60-250 or more, and once you get it, you need to install it in your guitar which, if you don’t do it yourself, also costs some money for your tech. But what if you could go to a place where you could try out different pickups a la carte? You could call it…. A Tone Bar. Then you could go Tone Tasting, and pick out your pickups risk-free. It’s wild, but who knows… maybe someday.

Until then, we made this video simulating what it could be like with EMG pickups. Enjoy!

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