FIND OF THE WEEK – Don’t Sleep On This Totally Cool, Super Real, Handmade Gibson Explorer

It’s no secret that Gibson is the sinking ship of the guitar world. Impossibly expensive with meh to alright quality, there are way better options out there. But, if the price is right, the price is right. And an Ebay user in the U.K. going by “septembergoth1996” understands this and is giving the world the chance to own their own Gibson Explorer for just 30 pounds!



The description on this magnificent seductress is as poignant as the instrument and is as follows:

It will also need painting and finishing. Gibson Explorer guitar. Width from neck to where strings go is 9 and 1/2″. From largest back razor to below turning knob is 20″. From where neck joints to body to the other end of body is 19 1/2″. Body is 2″ thick. Neck is 20 1/3″ long /2″wide/1-1/2thick. There are some small bits which need repairing and a crack which will need filling in with wood filler. 5″ wide/long headstock. 1-1/2 long chip on back of neck/5mm thick.

Oh yeah. She’s perfect. Weird headstock on it though. I don’t know when Gibson put those on explorers. Maybe one of the earlier models? Check out the Ebay page if you want to see more of this tall piece of woman. But act quick if you want to buy this thing. There are six sons of bitches who have their eyes on it. Don’t let this one walk.

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