Editor-in-Chief Chris Alfano’s Top 13 Video Games of 2013

League of Legends – the sport crammed with terminologies, right from smurfing and ganking bot; it sometimes is tough to know what these phrases mean. Suppose you’re playing a game of Legends for an extended time then you have to remember the term mmr boost. But, what’s mmr boosting or why is everybody talking about this? Suppose you’ve got never heard about the term boosting, then you’re not exposed to the “secret” of LoL boosting. allow us to understand more about how it works, we’ve put together the guide that anybody can understand very easily!


Match Making Rating (MMR) boosting, is that the service where the high Elo player can increase somebody else’s within the game rank just by “boosting” them. It means players (or booster) gives booster access to their gaming account to satisfy any service. When the booster has reached the league (Diamond or Platinum) boost is completed, and players revisit their account. The owner of an account, they will play in their division and choose to require this further and start another boost. During a lift, the account owner cannot log in or maybe play any game (unless they have a separate Smurf account!).

It helps the players to realize their target in several ways. For a couple of players, unlocking an end of the Season Victorious skin are often their goal for the year and therefore the players sometimes need a hand in getting there. Some players are quite determined to beat the sooner seasons rank and obtain in Master tier. Some players are playing to beat friends and may do anything to make sure that they finish within the higher division. So, whatever your goal is, it’ll help them to realize it. In terms of advantages from the MMR boosting, there are many.

1. the primary benefit is that the player doesn’t get to spend the whole day playing games and truly can specialize in many other things. Some players are so fixed to succeed in a specific achievement or division, that they neglect many other areas of their life. It’s not very healthy and sometimes can lead down the dark path as a player is going to be consumed by LoL.

2. Instead, the booster will help to require your burden off by supplying you with the assistance. It gives you tons of your time for doing other things in life when knowing you’re still on the thanks to achieving your goals.

3. subsequent advantage of the MMR boosting is that it’ll prevent time. Imagine you’re in Bronze one and searching to urge Gold 5. Then you’ll spend months trying your best to urge over there, or pays the booster for getting you there.

Gear Gods’ editor-in-chief Chris Alfano, the mastermind behind most of what you read here and bass player for prog metal band East of the Wall has released his Top 13 list of this year’s video games over at Headbang & Buttonmash. How he had the time to play 13 video games in one year leaves me questioning his social life, but the reason I’ve written like 8972405987235 articles this week is because he’s on his HONEYMOON this week! So be sure to A.) congratulate him and B.) enjoy this list and leave your condolences because it will certainly be his last (no married friend of mine plays through a game a month. That’s just lunacy.)

But, just because I can only get through one or two a year if I’m lucky, doesn’t mean that Chris doesn’t have a life – he writes the lion’s share of the articles on this site and still found time to get hitched AND write up this long article full of weird indie games I’ve never heard of!

If you’re into games, you should definitely read it, it’s full of insights I would not have thought of in a million years and it made me want to try all these games. Go give his band a listen, too, while you’re at it, they’re awesome – they sound like Between the Buried and Me meets Mastodon.

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