DREAM THEATER’s John Petrucci Interviewed By… John Petrucci?


John Petrucci is one of the premier progressive metal guitarists of our time, potentially the most influential guitarist of the genre, a champion of physical fitness and bodybuilding, and recently, a fashion icon. His signature guitar products are legion, and include a line of guitars, a signature wah pedal (watch his review of it here), picks, pickups, a pedal, and more – making him an entrepreneur to boot. His band Dream Theater are possibly the biggest band in prog metal and tour the world over, most recently for their double album The Astonishing. 

And now, it appears, there are two of him. This could be a result of some kind of time schism created when he plays so fast that the Earth’s rotation is sped up, or maybe he was cloned in a lab by a supervillain attempting to start a rival prog band – but whatever it is, it caused some confusion when they sat down for an interview and it turned out that there was no journalist, just two interviewees. Nonetheless, they are professionals, so they managed to grind out an interview anyway.

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