Can We All at Least Agree that $3000 Is Too Much for a Stompbox?

So this is dumb. I mean, look, I really try to be non-judgmental on this site. “All-inclusive” I believe they call it. But is anyone going to seriously pay $3000 for a distortion pedal?


It’s a vintage Klon Centaur. Klon is one of the grandpappies of boutique pedal manufacturers. They made about 8000 Centaurs back in the day but like many similar beloved small instrument companies, the long hours and low profit margins eventually caused the Klon to close its doors.

Now you can find a rare early model on eBay for 30 Benjamins. It’s extra pricey because it’s gold and there’s a “horsey” on it, and we all know the market value and stability of gold… and horses.

And I get the nostalgia. You likely never bought one of these when they sold for $350 or whatnot. And perhaps no other pedal sounds “exactly” like it. But I’m curious, dear reader. What kind of disposable income would you need before you dropped three grand on one distortion pedal? What sized collection of other, more reasonably priced $150-$400 boutique pedals must you have already amassed before this seems like the next logical step?

I don’t necessarily wish the people involved in selling, or possibly buying, overpriced vintage collectors items any serious ill will. But maybe I hope they get a really big pimple. Like inside the nose where they can’t pop it.

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