BEN ELLER Shows Off This Cool Pedal Trick, “The Stop”


Boy, NAMM sure was fun, huh? All those guys noodling guitars, slapping basses, banging the shit out of their drums. What more could you want! Goddamn silence. For, like, three minutes. That’s what I wanted. My ears are still ringing from walking Hall D for four days straight. I wish all of those guys playing could have used this sick technique that Ben Eller has for the Flashback 2 pedal. He calls it “The Stop”.

What is The Stop exactly? So, you know that switch on all your foot pedals that engage and disengage the effect? Just put that sucker into disengage, and you’re doing The Stop! It’s meant to really bring out the tones of a muted guitar. Align your chakras. Get you out of debt. You know, this is getting a little technical, so I’m just going to have Ben explain it. Watch the video to figure out the hell he’s talking about.

Check out Ben’s channel out on YouTube, he has tons of guitar stuff for the boys who love to weedle away.

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