ANDREW BAENA Asks the Age Old Question “What If Pantera Tuned Down?”


It takes some doing to be an innovator in the MetalTube-iverse. Chances are, if you have an idea for a fun video, Rob Scallon already did it. But Andrew Baena doesn’t have that issue. He’s carved out a little slice of home on the web with his series of videos that try to answer the biggest metal question ever asked: “CAN. WE. GO. LOWER?”. And, yes. Turns out you can.

Baena usually accomplishes these videos with a guitar that has 7+ stings, a popular metal band, and drops the tuning to bowel churning lows. This week, he put Pantera to the test and dropped their riffs to stomach growling D1 on his super unnecessary 9-string guitar. Which makes some songs sound a hair away from just being farts with a drum track. Watch and go goof yourself.

Baena is full of these things, and usually has his audience vote on the next song to get low to. So if you’ve got a band that hasn’t ventured to the down-tuned side, vote’r up on his channel.

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