A 15-String Bass Solo To Tickle Your Giggle


I feel like with the Jared Dines/Olson Guitarworks 17-string guitar fiasco, we’ve been left hanging as to what such a monstrous instrument would ever actually sound like. Despite the guitar not being built by Olson as promised, I hope it gets delivered to Jared anyway and we get a video on that absurd thing for no other reason than the abatement of the extreme curiosity I, and probably many of you, are feeling.

UNTIL THEN! we give thanks for Davie504 and his equally absurd purchase of a 15-string bass and the ability to slap it, which should give you at least some idea of what the sound of extreme is.

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  • I guess I will say this again: Have we all forgotten the 24 STRING FUCKING BASS from NAMM 2016? Have we forgotten that a harp is still an instrument? Why is this so god damn huge? It’s nothing important, nothing exciting or new.

  • Sounds neat in concept, but only the notes in the range of a regular 4-string bass sound fine.
    Everything above or below that sounds like dogshit.

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