Gear For Good – Buy LACE PICKUPS D3 Metal Pickups, Support SOLACE FOR HOPE Charity

LACE PICKUPS announced the release of their D3 pickups last year, and I feel like not enough of a hubbub was made about these pickups, which were made to be sold to support a worthy charity.


The D3 Series™ of pickups were launched in honor of my son Donnie Lace III, our Special Products Manager who passed in late 2018. A significant portion of all sales in the D3 Series of pickups go to fund™, a nonprofit dedicated to those who have lost a loved one due to the Opioid Crisis in America. Solace For Hope™ is a (501)(3)(c) foundation, helped and co-founded by his Uncle Jeff Lace, and myself in memory of Donnie Lace III.  

Don Lace Jr.

Is there a better way to feel good about a gear purchase than to know that some of your hard-earned is going to a cause that’s doing some good? Solace for Hope is a s a (501)(3)(c) non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting families who have lost loved ones to the opioid crisis and preventing further loss of life through education.

A significant portion of every sale of D3 pickups goes towards supporting Solace for Hope, so every time you play your guitar you’ll feel good about where you spent your money (and your tone will thank you as well!)

D3 pickups come in 3 varieties: the D’Agitator, the Disintegrators, and the Sabretooth set, all voiced for metal and ready for you to drop into your shred machine. Plus they’re on sale now, so grab them while they’re hot!

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