Furious Glenn Fricker and Fluff Educate You on Click Theft

The internet is one of the last remaining uncharted frontiers. We”re learning new things about what you can do with it every day, and with that newfound possibility comes new opportunity for ripping people off.


Last week some shitty nu-metal band called Trapt pulled a stunt whereby they downloaded a video by Rob Scallon from his YouTube page and uploaded it to their Facebook page as if it were their own, then proceeded to use it to farm likes for their terrible band (after ranting about integrity in the music industry and against illegal downloading). This online slots is called CLICK THEFT. These sloping foreheads couldn”t even count the correct number of strings on the guitar (9 to start, before he cut off all but one to play a one-note song) and were also probably too dumb to understand that what they were doing constituted taking money out of Rob”s pocket in the short (views) and long (subscribers) term.

This is hardly the first time this has happened – a couple months ago a sleazy record company called We Are Triumphant did the exact same thing to Jared Dines, another YouTube phenom who is funny and talented and is of course therefore open to plagiarism and copyright theft from less successful Neanderthal knuckledraggers.

I could go on, but I”ll let Glenn and his guest Fluff tell it like it is. (See? We”re embedding a YOUTUBE link so that Glenn gets hits and subscriptions for his YouTube channel):

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