MOTORHEAD – Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor’s “Ace Of Spades” Video Drum Kit up for Auction


MOTÖRHEAD are one of the coolest things to ever come out of England without a doubt so this is a pretty awesome opportunity to own a piece of the band’s history; Bonham’s is auctioning the late great Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor’s drum kit which has the shark-motif drum skins as used on their infamous Top of the Pops performance in 1980 and on their legendary “Ace of Spades” video.

The auctioneer has described the kit as having “Mirror finish, comprising; two 24 x 14-inch bass drums each fitted with original front skins bearing shark teeth motifs and with an original MOTÖRHEAD sticker, two original black wooden front head hoops, an 18-inch floor Tom, a 16-inch hanging Tom, a 15-inch hanging Tom, and a 14-inch hanging Tom.”


“Each drum head on the Toms are fitted with a clear Remo CS Black Dot. Accompanied by three vintage drum cases including a Le Blond bass drum case, one double braced double tom stand, various spare Remo CS Black Dot clear heads and various spare Camco lugs, dampers, and accessories.”

The drum kit possesses the same character that Phil did – pretty eccentric and obviously slightly deranged (I guess you’d have to be to put up with Lemmy for so long) but at the end of the day was a right laugh; any interview you see of him he is always joking around and usually drinking/smoking and just generally not taking life too seriously. He was there to have a good time and live life as hard as possible.

If you think you can handle the kit then get yourself over to their website. Bids look like they are gonna range around the £5,000 – 7,000 mark, so if you happen to have a considerable amount of spare cash you might be in for a treat. If you do end up buying it then make sure you smash the living shit out of it, cause that’s what Phil did – EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.

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