Find of the Week: Mastodon Guitar Amp From the Blood Mountain Era

eBay user butterslax (d/b/a Bill Kelliher, guitarist, Mastodon) is one of the more highly active sellers of gear owned by high-profile metal musicians in the band Mastodon. And he’s back again, this time lubin’ the deals and cashin’ the checks with the auction of this toasty Laney VH100 Amplifier. The amp was used not only during Mastodon’s 2005 touring cycle for Leviathan (including Ozzfest and the Unholy Alliance tours), but also on their Blood Mountain record.


The amp is a tad dusty, but that’s a small price to pay IMHO. Blood Mountain is my favorite Mastodon record and features some of the best riffs and guitar tones the band has put to tape to date. So get in on this piece of history now, which is up for auction for two more days (no specification whether the checkerboard vans are included). As of this writing, the price is right around a grand…

$_57 (1)

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