FIND OF THE WEEK – Guitar Once Owned by PROTEST THE HERO’s Luke Hoskin

Are you a fan of Canadian Progressive-Power-Thrash pioneers Protest The Hero? Well, some random guy is selling their guitarist’s old Ibanez on eBay.


That’s right lucky bidder, you could be the proud owner of Luke Hoskin’s old guitar.

For sale: one green Ibanez S 470DX

I guess it’s not “some random guy” selling it (saying it that way kinda makes it sound like it’s stolen). The seller is the legitimate owner of the instrument and purchased it from Luke in 2011. So rest assured, interested party, there’s a direct chain of custody from Luke to you! …for which you will pay a premium.

The current bid, as of writing, is $1000 Canadian dollars. Which is the equivalent to, I’m gonna say, USD$85? That’s $745 in US dollars (and whaddaya know?! The Australian dollarydoo is just below parity to the Canadian dollar. Maybe it’s a sign and I should throw in a bid. Or, maybe it’s a sign that I should invest in some maple syrup equities?).

Here’s the guitar in action. Yes, the video is in 144p. And yes, this is the official upload. I dunno, maybe they didn’t have unlimited bandwidth in Canada 8 years ago.

The Ibanez Sabre is actually one of my favorite guitars ever. Especially from this era, back when they came with those killer ZR tremolos. I highly recommend these guitars. Especially if you’re into ultra sleek body shapes. Admittedly, the stock “INF” pickups are pure butt though.

However, I dunno if I’d pay that much for one of these mid-range Ibanez S series guitars. Even if Luke Hoskin did get his super shred magic all over it.

But if this is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for, throw down a bid bruz.

Alternatively, if this got you in the mood for some Protest The Hero, go here.

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Demigod Zeke studies marketing & economics and produces his friends’ disgusting slam bands.

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  • I can’t watch this video in my country… Is Protest The Hero protesting America? I mean, I don’t blame them, but damn, I wanted to watch the Bloodmeat video.

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  • I’ve got a soft spot for that finish on the Ibanez guitars (“planet green”) as my first electric was an RG270 in that same color…still have it!

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