JARED DINES Follows Up On 18-String Guitar Auction With MASSIVE GIVEAWAY And

In response to the unfortunate news from Jared Dines trying to sell his 18-string guitar on eBay only to have it fall through due to some drunk bidders, the YouTuber has made a response video in which he announces the fact that Distrokid’s own Philip Kaplan reached out and purchased the guitar for a whopping $20,000, AND that Dines himself has teamed up with RODE, Ernie Ball, and Stevie T to announce a massive giveaway and Gofundme page to help raise even MORE money to go towards kids getting instruments for Christmas. What a mensch!


Watch the video to see how to enter, and then head over to the Gofundme page to donate and enter this amazing giveaway. GODSPEED.

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